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    That was fun @dakotapalmer907 sorry I could stay longer. The for the rounds.

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    MITS feat. La & Kixxie Siete (Official Video)

    The Bar is for raising the minimum wage. 

    Cool things to note about this video:
    - it was shot in one take
    - Prometheus Brown, Bambu and DJ Nphared had just gotten back from a 24-hour trip to Manila
    - Prometheus Brown was in the middle of preparing the kitchen for the pop-up restaurant (which is why he dashes off right after his verse)
    - The woman in the beginning of the video is not Nphared’s Auntie
    - The man with sticks uses MapQuest
    - LA shot this on his actual lunch break
    - Kixxie flew up to Seattle and mixed Flaming Hot Cheetos with Bangus Sisig
    - DJ Nphared spent a portion of our video budget on walkie talkie’s to add authenticity to his role as a valet driver
    - Bambu found a beer by the garbage and drank it
    - DJ Nphared and Bambu did not coordinate the missed high-five
    - Bambu got into a car accident a few hours before the shoot
    - Prometheus Brown and his wife, Chera, do their “Food & Sh*t" pop-up restaurants regularly throughout Seattle and are looking to take it on the road soon
    - DJ Nphared saw the movie Gravity twice
    - Grynch did not know we were filming a video
    - Our homeboy Nam made sure nobody walked through the ‘set.’
    - Chel, who opens the door and calls us in at the end, is a family friend who loves this little girl: - and so do we!
    - Kizamu, The Bar’s manager, wore three different Seahawks tops throughout the day
    - The Bar listened to Chip Fu the entire day

    The In4mation X The Bar shirt is coming soon! Stay tuned to for release date!

    Shot by Jerome Buenaventura during The Bar’s hosting of Food & Sh*t’s Pulutan Pop-Up Restaurant at Inay’s in Seattle.

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    Kamayan Pop-up →


    The big spoon and fork on the wall, found in many Filipino kitchens, are considered a source of tradition and pride, a symbol of health and prosperity, even the butt of earnest jokes about our love of food. But more than anything to anyone familiar with Philippine history, it is a reminder of…

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    Mystery Girl Emma from Russia


    You’ve probably seen photos of her riding around on sport bikes in heels and short skirts, shorts, costumes, etc. This the most circulated photo of them all, for sure. 

    I’ve always wondered if she dresses up for photo ops around St. Petersburg, Russia, but otherwise gears up… and I found other photos that suggest that is the case. 

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    Why am I only just discovering there is such thing as Lenin Cat?!

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    First ride down for the year. Dang it’s to cold.

    First ride down for the year. Dang it’s to cold.

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    Urgent security update →


    Bad news. A major vulnerability, known as “Heartbleed,” has been disclosed for the technology that powers encryption across the majority of the internet. That includes Tumblr.

    We have no evidence of any breach and, like most networks, our team took immediate action to fix the issue.

    But this…

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